Friday, July 17, 2009

Summer at the Theatre of Dreams

This is one of my favorite times of the year. The day after Midsummer's Night, I am already feeling perkier because I know that the rest of the year is in a long process of becoming...Christmas! My heart is a little happier, my mood is one of anticipation. I actually bring out the Christmas music in August! So while I am laying in my hammock, where I rest on quiet afternoons, and a single little dry leaf accidentally drops down on me, I am imagine that Fall has already started, and begin dreaming of winter. I am full of plans and ideas for my next Port Costa Open Houses, and here are the dates:
Fri and Sat, Oct. 9 & 10
Fri, Sat, Nov. 27 & 28
As always, my private workshop and printing studio will also be open for tours during these hours. I will also be open to the public on Fri and Sat Dec. 5, 6 & Fri and Sat, Dec. 11, 12.
ALSO, I am planning two trunk shows this year :
TINSEL TRADING COMPANY, in downtown Manhattan, N.Y., on Oct 15
IRON DOG, in Niles, Ca. ON NOV. 7
If you would like to be on my mailing list, please leave your name and postal address
on my message phone at (510) 787-2164!

Why is there CAT HAIR...

In all of my books?!!! In case you have received a book and wondered.. where does the cat hair come from.....? here is one of the reasons! His given name is Seigfried, but he usually gets called "Big Boy" for obvious reasons. Should you find an inky Paw Print on a page of your book, it is NOT mine! I am working every week on finishing up my book orders, but also doing design work for several brand new lines that will be coming out this fall. I will post pictures of some of those items next month.