Monday, October 13, 2008


When my daughter was 14, she got a magic marker and started to scrawl her favorite quotes all over the walls of her room. Some were from Shakespeare, some were from cartoons, some were from movies. Now my room has a wall of quotes also, written in chalk on old slate blackboards mounted to the wall. I can change them every week. Today, they read: "I sell the shadow to support the substance", "They can't make me and they can't break me", and "Self discipline is not about denial, it is about purpose". The first quote is by Sojourner Truth, the next two are by me.
But I have a new favorite quote and it is this:
"To live in so much mystery, to rely on a feeling, an instinct, on faith, that everything I need is already inside me, and best I just don't block the exit."
That remarkable quote is by Michelle Williams, actress.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I am still getting the hang of creating posts - getting the pictures to post with the relevant text is a puzzle. Here are a couple of views of my tiny apartment home, which is right behind my shop. I am so lucky to live and work here. I came here 11 years ago and I knew right away this was where I wanted to be. Lord knows I get so frantically busy juggling everything in my life that I sometimes just rush through my days.

But then I usually step out every morning to sniff the air when I feed the cats, or hear the air rushing through the trees in the late afternoon - moments when you stop, and are just there in the present.


from the Theatre of Dreams. My October Open House was last weekend - Once again I was amazed that people came from near and far to drive down that windy country road to visit my shop. I work alone for months at a time getting ready for my Open Houses, and when I finally see the shop all lit up and crowded with people, it makes it all worth it! I am much cheered by the turnout and by all of the smiling faces and kind words. Here are some views of the shop that I took right before I opened the doors.

My friend Marcia, from Tinsel Trading, keeps telling me to get more personal in my blogs!! So I will tell you a little bit more. Right now I am sitting in my bed drinking coffee! It is 8:00 am, the backdoor is open and there are crows cawing outside. (I live right behind my shop, in a tiny apartment with a private patio) There are cats draped all over my bed. I lit candles because in Oct. it is foggy in the early mornings here. My bed is right up against a big window that looks out over a private outdoor space that is draped with virginia creeper and birch trees. (see pictures in the next post). This is the best hour of the day for me, when I sit and drink my coffee and look outside as the world wakes up.