Tuesday, October 7, 2008


from the Theatre of Dreams. My October Open House was last weekend - Once again I was amazed that people came from near and far to drive down that windy country road to visit my shop. I work alone for months at a time getting ready for my Open Houses, and when I finally see the shop all lit up and crowded with people, it makes it all worth it! I am much cheered by the turnout and by all of the smiling faces and kind words. Here are some views of the shop that I took right before I opened the doors.

My friend Marcia, from Tinsel Trading, keeps telling me to get more personal in my blogs!! So I will tell you a little bit more. Right now I am sitting in my bed drinking coffee! It is 8:00 am, the backdoor is open and there are crows cawing outside. (I live right behind my shop, in a tiny apartment with a private patio) There are cats draped all over my bed. I lit candles because in Oct. it is foggy in the early mornings here. My bed is right up against a big window that looks out over a private outdoor space that is draped with virginia creeper and birch trees. (see pictures in the next post). This is the best hour of the day for me, when I sit and drink my coffee and look outside as the world wakes up.


Dede Warren said...

I love the light in Northern California from my days growing up there as a child. Your description takes me back to mornings just as you speak of... that morning and evening twilight is my favorite time of day.

Please let me know if you're going to have a holiday open house, I'd love to plan a little trip up there.

Anonymous said...

Dear Wendy,
I love Port Costa & the Theatre of Dreams! I can not tell you how much inspiration I took home from my visit! And your work now resides in my home as well! See you soon I hope.
Thank you again!

Seahorse Ranch Girl said...

Dear Wendy,

You are too modest, dear. You are a muse to many. Your immaculate attention to detail, and your whimsical, vintage vibe, make your work impossible to resist.

Don't stop!

tricia stirling said...

your open house was enchanting. my daughter keeps talking about your fairy. (she was the one who pulled the string until it snapped. sorry about that!)

kris hurst said...

Sweet- thank you Wendy- you just reminded to stop and take in a big breath of life!! Your shop is amazing! -Kris

Sharolyn Perry said...

Living the dream! What wonderful thoughts of morning with candles, cats and coffee. Three of my favorite things...

vintagepaletteart said...

You're doing a wonderful job Wendy!

I wish I could have been there for your Halloween Open House. Visiting your shoppe while in Cali for PFATT Fest was one of the highlights of my trip. Meeting you was just so awesome and you are such a sweet person! The drive to your shoppe down that windy curvy road and your quaint little town was like taking a step back in time................*sigh*

I'm going to put the link to your bog on mine so others can enjoy your magical touch............=o)

Have a dreamy week in your magical Theatre of Dreams!


Vintagehouse Nursery Co. said...

Dear Wendy -
Hello from Curtis & Michael, your Boys in Yuba City!!
Thank you for all the goodies we got from the Halloween Open House, we cherish, each & every little thing we bring home....And now we have started in our sunroom, is now the "Wendy Room" chocked full of wonderfully-glittered magical memories, that we have gotten from you over the years!! Will we "ever" have enough? Nope! We're looking forward to coming down for the next show, can hardly wait for the card to come in the mail!!
Love your NEW wheels, will you take us for a drive? Your blog is coming along just magnificantly!!I think I will have to create one for us too!
See you soon!!
With Love,
C & M
Downtown Yuba City

Vintagehouse Nursery Co. said...
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