Sunday, November 22, 2009


Without showing too much, here are a few pics of things I am working on for my Christmas Open House! This is just a peek around the workshop, where things are piling up in an interesting way. I am fascinated by hands this year, and they are appearing many ways, on gilded wreathes, covered with mirrors, and even sea shells. Also shown is a box full of Santos figures, waiting patiently to be dressed by me in antique clothes.
The title of my Christmas line is "Tinsel and Sawdust" and this phrase is an old way of describing the circus. I am in love with anything circus these days, and if you check my next post, I will be showing pictures of my "Cirque de Noel" line.


Jennifer Pearson Vanier said...

Man, do I ever wish I lived closer! Do you ever mail items to people? I would love one of your Santos and I love the hand with the scroll-y design on it. The circus animals would be perfect gifts for my three young adult sons! Awesome work!!!

FredaB said...

I too would love Santo. I have been looking for one but they are scarce. I have a lot of your decorations bought in various shops. I can always tell one of your ornaments right away.

If you would consider selling one please contact me. If not, will you be selling these in any stores?


Freda B

Rebecca Hesla said...

These are so beautiful. I love your work. You are my inspiration.

Lisa said...

Love, love, love them. It's simple beauty.

Judy Wise said...

I'm also interested in the Santos. Could you email me?

jacklynn4 said...

Hi, I have searched high and low for your santos figures. Where can I find them? I'd like to sell them in my shop-or just have one for me me me:)!
Bliss Farm Antiques