Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Light Fairies

I had a dream several months ago. I was in some ruined and bombed out building, the windows blasted out and the doors all missing...there had been some general catastrophe that had left everything in shambles. Strangers wandered about the wreckage. I was oddly calm and collected, and stepped outside and sat down on what was left of brick steps and looked up across the street. Up high on the wall across the steet was a shimmering reflection of light coming from nowhere, a refraction that danced itself into some changable, magical shape - and this formless ephemeral beautiful thing was some kind of free gift that left me with a wordless joy in spite of the emptiness of the world I was wandering in.

In my house in Port Costa, I sometimes catch a light on the walls in the morning, reflected from the windows across the street, and they are glimmerings of the same light fairies, and for a moment I remember how I felt in the dream, perfectly happy to live in a world emptied of meaningless stuff, and left with just the dancing of the light.


Rosemary said...

I love the way the light looks.

Debbie Schramer said...

hello wendy,

i have admired your creativity for such a long time. you are a very unusual artist. i was so touched by this post that i wanted to write to you.

it is amazing that you had that dream; it sounds so much like what has happened in Haiti. perhaps that was what you were dreaming about. there does always seem to be something that heals people's hearts even when there is tragedy all around. i loved the idea of the light being fairies.....healing, kind, sweet spirits that are delicate and different from this world.

i had a dream one time several months ago that was somewhat like your dream. i dreampt that i was with a large group of people at the top of a huge building, many stories off the ground. we were all outside and it was a nice day. there was a lot activity everywhere and lots of energy from all the people. all of a sudden, there was an enormous blast, a huge sound that completely shocked everyone. i immediatley thought it was a nucleur bomb. the dream was so frightening; everyone was terrified. i woke up and was so afraid. the dream seemed so real.

i don't know what it meant, but it seemed a wake up call to me to think more about being prepared for the future more.

your post about the dancing light will be something i will try to remember to keep my spirits calm and unafraid.


Beth said...

That is beautiful. Light refraction is a muse of mine as well.

I found you thru a Country Living article. The color of the outside of your shop/studio is fantastic. I just redid a telephone chair in that juicy teal.

What a treat to find your work...and blog

Little Lovables said...

such a lovely post!!

Danee said...

Wendy, I was at Tinsel Trading last week and did pick up a can of your silver glass glitter and a Halloween cracker. I wanted to purchase everything you touched but I went overboard with the vintage flowers and ribbon as well. I was on Tinsel Trading tonight and see mention your book "The Theatre of Dreams". My question is where can I find this book. I have been googling for an hour and can't get anything but lots and lots of blog mentions. Your work is amazing and perfect, whimsicle and tender, youthful and magical. I love it all.

Rebecca said...

Hello Wendy,
I can relate to catastrophe dreams. I have had them too and feel at peace with all the chaos going on around me. We are tender souls cared for by a creative God who loves us and delights in sharing light and hope with us. Your blog is beautiful. I too have searched for your book...and can't find it. Any suggestions?
Blessings and a hug too,

Michelle Frae Cummings said...

beautiful! we have the same here too.

William Bezek said...
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