Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Meet Me in St. Louis!

This spring, I am heading back to my home town, St. Louis, to do a workshop with Mary Engelbreit! From April 29 to May 2, I will be teaching classes at her artistic conference. Mary and I both grew up in the outskirts of St. Louis, and so I am happy to be visiting and teaching back in my original territory.
If anyone out there is interested, please visit the Mary Engelbreit website and click on the Workshop panel to get more details. You can also email me personally with questions at I look forward to teaching and schmoozing with many new and old friends!
Here is me, in case you need to spot me in St. Louis!


Tristan Robin said...

I loved seeing a photo of you - how beautiful you are!

My very first ever job was in St.Louis! I was six years old and I appeared in the children's choir of the St. Louis Municipal Opera!

How fun it would be to take a class or workshop with you ... maybe someday you'll be somewhere nearer the East Coast LOL.

Janice Selby said...

Oh , I also wish I could be at the work shop. Your work is the best ever. I love paper of course

Rosemary said...

That sounds like a lot of fun!!
Nice photo of you.

mec said...

What a wonderful picture and such a mischievous grin! You seem to have a secret!!
I would love to go to St. Louis and meet you in person.
Thank you for blogging

barbara r-g said...

wish i could afford it maybe next time. i went to grammer school outside St. Louis in a very small town called Knob Noster! that name always makes me smile such a strange unique town name. i would love to go back and explore the area again. great to see a beautiful face with all the incredible ideas you have. thanks

Victoria Cullen said...

I agree, that is a very nice photo of you - and having met you in person I can vouch for the fact that you are EVEN prettier in person!

The workshop sounds amazing! The line-up of artists is like no other. It would be a dream to get to go, even if I have to crawl all the way to St.Louis - hopefully, that won't be necessary :) Hope to see you there!

hammyfaye said...

Can I still order a book?
Thanks. Kim

Unknown said...

Wendy, what beautiful writing about the dancing of the light :) Sorry I left without having a chance to say goodbye..I just want to tell you that it had been a great pleasure/honor for me to make your beautiful artworks and I wish you all the best and a life filled with moments of magic and light, just like you have brought to the world!
Shelly ;)

Jennifer said...

Hey pretty lady..I need to talk with you!!!! xoxoxox Jennifer Paganelli

Jennifer said...

please e-mail me at your convenience

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